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Deep Learning Basics

Deep learning is a powerful machine learning technique. These are widely used in Natural Language Processing (NLP) image/speech recognition robotics and many other artificial intelligence projects What is Deep Learning? A model which consists of more than three layers in a neural network model is a deep learning model. More than three layers means one …

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Building a Deep Learning Model

In this post, let us see how to build a deep learning model using Keras. If you haven’t installed Tensorflow and Keras, I will show the simple way to install these two modules. 1. Installing Tensorflow and Keras Open Anaconda Navigator. Under Environments, create new environment in Python 3.6. Create a new environment in Anaconda- …

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AI/ML In Learning And Development

By Laxmish Bhat, Co-Founder & President at iZen September 4, 2019 Cognitive Era Artificial Intelligence in general and Machine Learning in particular (AI/ML) have ushered a new era in many industries, especially in the last two years, albeit with varying degrees of adoption. AI/ML solutions are all around us, and new ones are being created every …

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