Garvoo and iZen announce strategic partnership to build "iZen Innovation & Skill Development Labs" to bridge skill gaps and to incubate innovation in developing world.

Milpitas, CA - October 15, 2018 - Garvoo Inc, one of the leading providers of managed hosting and cloud computing solutions, has formed a strategic partnership with iZen ai, Inc., a Talent Empowerment and Education Technology company, to provide organizations around the world with an integrated platform for innovation and employability skill development. This partnership will help iZen offer labs “as-a-service” in a software-defined provisioning approach.

Cloud-based labs and training programs for simultaneous learners might create highly intense web traffic. Unpredictable internet connectivity can significantly disrupt the learning process. Garvoo's proprietary technology for WAN connectivity optimization is designed to create a better user experience. iZen will deliver bandwidth-intensive training content to users in remote areas with poor connectivity. Such labs will be deployed in Garvoo’s distributed high-density data centers across the world. For larger universities, Garvoo’s MOAXY appliance will provide content caching for offline usage.

“Our goal is to bring personalized digital-learning to everyone in emerging technologies. We are committed to bridging the skill-gap, to empower underprivileged social-segments and to drive better opportunities for the youth and rural talent.” said iZen CEO, Gajanan Bhat,“We chose to partner with Garvoo because of their deep expertise in building high-end infrastructure and content delivery platforms to provide uninterrupted services to remote locations.”

“We at Garvoo believe in equal access to education,” said Garvoo CEO, Gopa Sheppillayar. “And it is a known fact that people in rural areas of developing countries are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting access to high-quality educational programs. This partnership is a unique opportunity that helps our expansion into education segment by bringing better educational opportunities to more people around the world.”

About Garvoo

Established in 2006, Garvoo is one of the leading providers of managed hosting and cloud computing services. The company owns and maintains its network infrastructure, including multiple data centers around the world, offering a unique 100% uptime guarantee.

About iZen

iZen ai, Inc. is a talent-empowerment and education technology company, based in Silicon Valley, with a mission is to leverage advanced technologies and technology-based learning strategies to inspire educators, engage students and improve outcomes, by providing professional guidance to the upcoming talent that will be joining the new "Digital Workforce".