LEAP - Learning Engagement & Access Platform

A good learning platform combines a foundation of proven teaching methodologies with powerful interactive tools and technology-based learning strategies. iZen-LEAP enables effective delivery of a variety of courses, and has demonstrated success with learner engagement.

Built from the ground up to allow students to learn by doing, iZen-LEAP comprises several cutting-edge interactive tools like Cyber-Labs, Virtual Programming Labs, and AI Experience Center. These tools allow learners to apply their skills to real-life problems, practice as they learn, and come out ready to start delivering from day-1. The comprehensive assessment module allows you to use assignments, quizzes, and tests to continuously assess the progress made by learners.

iZen Educational Platform

Inclusive Learning

iZen’s learning platform is extremely versatile, and can be used to deliver any kind of courseware, made accessible on any device, anywhere in the world. iZen can also make courseware accessible for learners who do not have access to the internet, through our ‘Skill in a Box’ solution.

This flexibility allows organizations to deliver the same level of training to students or employees who are on-the-go or located in any corner of the world.

Applied Learning

Applied Learning




Interactive Content

Case Studies

Case Studies

Virtual Programming Lab

Virtual Programming Lab

AI Experience Center

AI Experience Center

Skill in a Flash


Cyber Labs


Learning Management System

Learning Engagement System

Auto Grading


User Friendly Design

User-friendly Design

Authentic Content

Authentic Content

“I took the 'Security Operations Center Analyst' course by Dr. Cohen. The real-life case-studies helped me with my job at a cybersecurity startup. I strongly recommend it for those wanting to build a career in cybersecurity.
Cyber Security Consultant
University of Colombia