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Employability Skill Development

iZen is a powerful learning platform designed for delivering professional training. The platform offers exciting opportunities for upskilling or reskilling learners in emerging technology areas like AI, ML, DL, Data Science, Big-data Analytics, IT-Governance-Risk-Compliance Auditing, and Cybersecurity.

iZen’s courses bring together authentic content created by world-class thought leaders, that allows students apply their learning in real life scenarios, using our ecosystem of Cyberlabs, Virtual-Programming-Lab, AI Experience Center and other tools. 

iZen enables educators, employers and governments to deliver effective training anywhere in the world, in a format that is engaging, interactive and gamified for an immersive learning experience. All the programs are designed to facilitate progress towards a planned outcome – employability, or training for a new role.


Authentic Content

Content developed and delivered by world-class thought leaders with decades of research, teaching and industry experience. 

Certified Courses

Courses certified by iZen and also by prestigious institutions like Webster University, and industry bodies like NASSCOM.

Engaging Modules

High quality instructional design, with interactive, gamified content, and multiple avenues for learning by doing.

Courses Currently Offered

“Our employees are now more knowledgeable and productive while working on AI-ML-based application development projects.”
Anil Ravindranath
CEO,, Santa Clara, CA, USA