Some results in cybersecurity and why they may be interesting

AI, Neural Nets, and Complexity of the Brain Quantum cryptography and its real effect on current systems Will training help to counter influence operations? Blockchain, distributed ledger, and crypto-currency Don’t trust zero trust Basics of complexity and granularity and tradeoffs of space and time Granularity of control and adding dimensions lead to the modeling problem …

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Gamification and the Metaverse

People seem to me to be having problems dealing with enjoying their lives lived increasingly online. I live a life largely online, and with the pandemic pushing people increasingly away from the physical interaction world, I think we might be getting to the point where we do more and more that produces less and less …

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Keeping your cyber security program exciting!

The Capability Maturity Model notions that, starting from scratch, a program matures by goingthrough phases. Cyber Security as Sexy! Why don’t they invest the necessary resources? Getting to Managed is not that hard But I don’t want to! But that’s what computers are for! It takes time to mature Conclusions