Getting Around Authentication

Author’s Name: Dr. Fred Cohen One of the key components of authorized access, which we seek to facilitate, is determining whether the access is in fact authorized, and doing so quickly and efficiently without interfering with ease of use or slowing the smooth flow of commerce. This process is supported by authentication, the demonstration that a …

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Cyber Warfare

Cyberwarfare: Evolution & Impact

By Ila Avinash, Intern at iZen July 9, 2019 In the late twentieth century, the widespread use of the Internet revolutionized the speed at which information was collected, computed, and shared. Suddenly, the standard of life became an instantaneous one–where a singular thought could be seen by the rest of the globe in seconds. However, this …

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Security Inventory

Security Inventory

By Dr. Fred Cohen, Advisory Board Member at iZen May 29, 2020 Some years ago, a Verizon study showed that most leaks of confidential information from cyber attack involved content or systems not in the security inventory. Of course it is stupidly obvious that if you don’t know you have it you are unlikely to properly …

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Cyber Security Intelligence

Cyber Security Intelligence

By Dr. Fred Cohen, Advisory Board Member at iZen March 15, 2020 For a long time, the intelligence and counterintelligence aspects of cybersecurity have been considered a lesser element among many in the field. When people I know bring up things like perception management and counter-influence they are often told that’s not part of cybersecurity. My …

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