Asking the right questions

I very often see false choices about paths forward. One of the most common ones is the question about the future of humanity regarding AI, robotics, computers, cloning, vaccines, genetic engineering, you name it. Any new area of technology with a tremendous potential is always a multi-edged sword, and someone will always ask the question …

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The do nothing defense

Of course until you are successfully attacked, doing nothing about security is a great approach. It saves money and time and costs you nothing. So lots of folks do nothing, or almost nothing, and I include myself in this latter approach – almost nothing. As little as I can get away with I do as …

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API Security vs AUI security

How is an application program interface different from an other application interface? At a basic level, they are the same – in the sense that anything that can be exploited from one can be exploited from another – or at least it should be that way from a security perspective. But unfo9rtunately, that’s not how …

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So you’re looking for a cyber security board member for your public company

Good luck finding someone qualified… The SEC is apparently about to make it a requirement for public companies to report on “the board of directors’ cybersecurity expertise, if any, and its oversight of cybersecurity risk”.1 Some details: Why would it be hard to find someone like this? But here’s the rub And there are some …

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Gamification and the Metaverse

People seem to me to be having problems dealing with enjoying their lives lived increasingly online. I live a life largely online, and with the pandemic pushing people increasingly away from the physical interaction world, I think we might be getting to the point where we do more and more that produces less and less …

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