Experiential Learning

AI, Neural Nets, and Complexity of the Brain Quantum cryptography and its real effect on current systems Will training help to counter influence operations? Blockchain, distributed ledger, and crypto-currency Don’t trust zero trust Basics of complexity and granularity and tradeoffs of space and time Granularity of control and adding dimensions lead to the modeling problem …

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eLearning and the Digital Divide

eLearning and the benefits The 20th century has seen incredible technological progress throughout society, as more and more of the world we live in is dependent on technology in order to create more powerful and efficient results. This has been increasingly true in the education sector, as electronic learning, or eLearning has emerged and completely …

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Online certification course in AI and develop AI awareness

AI/ML In Learning And Development

Cognitive Era Artificial Intelligence in general and Machine Learning in particular (AI/ML) have ushered a new era in many industries, especially in the last two years, albeit with varying degrees of adoption. AI/ML solutions are all around us, and new ones are being created every day, though we may not realize it. Learning and Development …

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Evolution and Future of Digital Learning

Evolution and Future of Digital Learning

In recent years, technology has exponentially advanced beyond automobiles or basic electricity in cities. It has permeated every aspect of our modern world, forcing today’s society—regardless of age, race, nationality, etc.—to adapt accordingly. Younger generations have been raised in a technology-based world, one where children are owning iPads by the age of 5 in order …

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